Minister's Minute

Minister's Minute: Objections to God - Part 1

In this Apologetics episode of Minister’s Minute, Royce will take a look at two objections to God’s existence offered by many atheists - The Presumption of Atheism and The Hiddenness of God. He explored Atheism as the default position and discusses why God may not have made Himself more obvious in the world.

Who's Your One - Discipleship 


In this episode, Daniel and James follow up from the previous episode of discussing “Who’s Your One?”


“What do you do once your one has come to salvation?”

2 things:
1) disciple him or her to become mature believers who also pursue the lost
2) find a new one and start over

Who's Your One - Evangelism 


Daniel and James discuss the “Who’s Your One” movement. They spend this episode breaking down what it means to identify one person in your sphere of influence, one person who is close to you and far from God, that you commit to praying for and pursuing with the love of Christ.


Three things to do in this pursuit:

  1. Pray for your one.

  2. Build a relationship with your one

  3. Seek ways to have a gospel-centered conversation with your one.

God as the Moral Foundation 

In this episode of Minister’s Minute, Royce will tackle some major questions about human morality and God’s existence. Using the Moral Argument, he discusses objective moral values and duties and whether or not they actually exist, and the necessity of God as the foundation for such things.

Apologetic Argument of the Creator


In this episode of Minister’s Minute, Krist asks Royce why it is reasonable to believe that a Creator of the universe exists. Using the Kalam Cosmological Argument, Royce discusses the scientific and philosophical confirmations for the beginning of the universe and shows why God is the best (and perhaps only) explanation for this beginning.

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Praying the Bible

In this episode of Minister's Minute, James asks Krist How Can We Use Scripture in Prayer?

Krist talks about why you should use the bible in prayer and gives some practical examples to help you do so. This will give your prayer life a boost by integrating the very Word of God in your prayers.

The Minister and Vacation 


In this episode of Minister's Minute, James asks Daniel about the value and importance of ministers taking a vacation. 


Daniel covers these three points:

  1. Why is vacation necessary

  2. How do you prevent yourself from taking work with you

  3. What are some beneficial boundaries to set up when going on vacation

How to Partner with Parents in Youth Ministry 

James and Daniel further discuss what it means to partner with parents in youth ministry. They also discuss how you can minister to students whose parents are lost and unchurched. 


Key points of discussion: 

- Build relationships with parents and be accessible.

- Train your leaders to build relationships with parents as well.

- Be the spiritual parent to those whose parents don’t know the Lord.

- Seek opportunities to share the gospel with lost parents.

Minister's Minute - The Purpose of Youth Ministry


James asks Daniel what he thinks is the main purpose of youth ministry. 


Daniel talks about three key areas.

  1. Love the students in your ministry by showing up in their lives outside of the church walls

  2. Disciple students by pointing them to God’s Word

  3. Partner with parents who are the key disciple-makers in your students lives

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